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What is planetwise?

52-times a year.  Once a week.  Little changes. 


This is my pledge to help our planet.  

To make one permanent change each week in my life, for a year, that is more planetwise.

Everything starts with the individual.   Everything we do can make a difference. 


We are all connected, and if we all believe we can individually make a difference, and share our ideas - we can create a direct positive impact, and a collective positive pressure.


The big things will stay the same, and climate change will always be someone else's fault, unless we all try to make our next choice a good choice - for our planet.

Who are we?

who are we? 

(in case you've stumbled across this)

​This project started as an idea for a fun and educational family activity.  To do a little bit more, to help the planet, and keep a diary.  I have a family that is patient and supportive.  We gave it a fun name: Project Planetwise.

We are a normal family.  We recycle as much as we can.  We try to buy well, and waste as little as possible.

We soon realised how much more we could do, and that what we are doing is not enough.  With a little effort, with better choices, and with small sacrifices.


So the diary has become a blog, in the spirit of sharing positivity.  If you like what it is saying, please join in and send ideas, or comment, or share.

We can all help each other to do better, and to be more planetwise.


Week 33: I will travel light.

Our buildings, fields, roads, rivers, oceans and skies are slowly opening up again. In many ways, this is going to be the most...

Week 32: An ode to Hedgerows.

Please can I introduce everyone to this week’s cover star, Big Hedgerton. Big Hedgerton lives in around our garden, or maybe more...

Week 31: I will be a curious consumer.

What has changed? In my opinion, this is one of the world’s most powerful questions. It is especially good on those days in life, love or...

Week 29: I will reject labels.

Growing up, we would visit my grandparents on my mum’s side, at least every few weeks, and usually on a Sunday. It was only about...

Week 24: I will respect the coffee bean.

Taking a break, and drinking coffee, go hand-in-hand in my life. I reach for the coffee machine as a habit in the mornings, and a ritual...

Week 23: I will be a scruffy gardener.

The biggest thing I learned this week, is that nature doesn't mind if its a bit scruffy. It does not demand the perfection of straight...

Week 22: I will go vampire hunting.

Language, can be so dramatic. The words we choose create an immediate and lasting image. Words can be like vibrant colours in the...

Week 20: I will love my new routine.

This morning in the garden, I apologised to a tree, but it is not what you think. I was not apologising on behalf of anyone, it was just...

Week 19: I will be more resourceful.

There is a high chance, that whilst you are reading this, you are having a snack. Perhaps a biscuit, or a piece of cake. If you're...

Week 18: I will change my socks.

Sometimes, it is the things that people do not see that tend to be neglected. I guess this is the world that we live in, and our nature...

Week 17: I will remember to be kind.

Sometimes, it is hard not to focus on what is lost or might be lost when you are facing a difficult moment, or there is uncontrollable...

Week 16: One in, one out.

It was World Book Day last week, and I completely forgot about it. I felt awful, and so the next day at nursery, I dressed Leo in a...